Questions about
New Horizons Recovery Homes

Because we understand the importance and time involved in recovery, we'll do our absolute best to keep this list of common questions updated in order to save you time in your search for the perfect recovery home.

Do I have to attend meetings?
Absolutely. In order to continue down the road of recovery, all residents must attend all scheduled meetings unless excused by the program manager. These meetings are meant to instill a sense of community and to ensure everybody can voice their concerns in a structured manner.
Do I have access to all homes?
Residents are only allowed access to the home in which they live. Residents may not enter other homes.
Will I have chores?
At New Horizons Recovery Homes, we work to maintain a clean and orderly facility. This includes personal and common areas including items like daily bed making and participating in a rotating list of chores.
Is there a curfew?
All residents must be on the New Horizons Recovery Homes premises between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM unless employment dictates otherwise. In those cases, exceptions will be granted by the program administrator.
Will I be drug tested?
All residents should expect to be randomly drug tested at any time.